MMWF Receives Kudos in Huffington Post Blog

We were so pleased to be mentioned by Telework Exchange Senior Fellow Josh Sawislak in his Huffington Post blog, The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good. In the article he calls Managing the Mobile Workforce “very informative and easy to read”. He also makes a very nice reference to our chapter on trust, and discusses why that’s so important for teleworking. It was a particular honor to be featured during Telework Week, which the Telework Exchange sponsors and was a huge success this year.  Be sure to check it out as you’ll find tons of stats, resources, and information about Telework Week results and ideas you can use yourself.

Josh is featured at the Telework Exchange where, if you haven’t looked it up yet, you’ll find a huge resource for those considering moving to mobility. It’s focused on the federal government but even if you are from the for-profit world you will find tons of events, reports, webcasts, newsletters, and so much information to apply to your workplace that you won’t be able to keep up with it.  And of course there you’ll also find Josh’s always excellent blog – Work: It’s a Verb, Not a Noun –  about what is going on in telework today and what we should be thinking about.  Be sure to follow him on twitter too at

It’s exciting for our book to come out just when we are reaching a tipping point for mobile work.  As we say in the book, the horse is already out of the barn.  If your organization isn’t at least considering a mobile strategy you can bet your competitors are.  Let me express it in a more scholarly way here – you snooze, you lose.  Time to get with it!

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