The Mobile Workforce Will Revolutionize Your Industry

My first blog was posted earlier today.  This is very exciting not only because of the reach and scope of this excellent organization, but also because I’ll have a venue to talk about training, leadership, and organizational development issues I would never have a chance to cover otherwise. It’s a forum that allows for enough length to have substance and is immediate enough to talk about what is happening right now.

CEO and Founder of Training Industry, Inc., Doug Harward, offered both David and I the opportunity to blog for TI, and you can expect something from him soon.  He of course is the entrepreneur-technology guru of our book, Managing the Mobile Workforce.  I’m not sure what I am, but I do enjoy writing about our field.

My first post is called The Mobile Workforce Will Revolutionize Your Industry, and in it I imagine what might happen in healthcare over the next few years.  I hope you’ll visit to see all the great information and opportunity they offer, and also to read my post.  I’d love to hear how you think your industry might change through an increasingly mobile workforce.

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