Our Lunch and Lead Presentation

The University of Idaho has a wonderful series in Boise called Lunch and Lead.  This year the topic is kaleidoscope thinking and it’s free to the public.  What is kaleidoscope thinking?  Well, it’s all about shaking up your thinking.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter has said that “Leaders need to develop ‘Kaleidoscope Thinking’ – a way of constructing patterns from the fragments of data available, and then manipulating them to form different patterns.  They must question their assumptions about how pieces of the organization, the marketplace, or the community fit together.  Change leaders remember that there are many solutions to a problem and that by looking through a different lens somebody is going to invent a new way of doing things.

Here’s our presentation (video) about Managing the Mobile Workforce. In it we actually pull out kaleidoscopes to make the point that leaders need to shake up their thinking about the workforce, and to bust some paradigms about where, when, and how work can get done.  It was a wonderful audience.  We started with….well, you’ll see…

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