Our American Management Association Webinar

Our American Management Association (AMA) webinar this week was a blast.  Titled Managing the Mobile Workforce: Tools and Tips for Supporting and Motivating Your Staff we presented information from our book about performance management for mobile workers, 8 principles for motivating mobile workers, tools for working with the mobile workforce and a bunch more.

AMA does as professional a job on their preparation and production values as any group I’ve worked with.  Dave Summers and Peg Pettingell were the folks – true professionals and fun to work with – from AMA who prepared us for the show and then interviewed us.

We had some excellent questions from the participants signed up for the show and also from Dave and Peg.  To me, that’s when it gets really interesting and challenging.  Will I know anything at all about what they are asking?  (Most of the time, but not always… David always saves me when we do these because he knows ALL about this topic.) Will I say something silly? (Well, it’s been known to happen….).  These questions can give a good idea about what is on the minds of people out on the ground.

In January we recorded one of AMA’s Edgewise Series “nuggets”.  They have so many great authors in these, including people like Dan Pink and Seth Godin, that it was a true honor to be included in that group.  You can actually still listen to that recording.

As always, we were in a rush. David was in Boston getting ready to present our book to an organization and some of its stakeholders.  I couldn’t make that trip because we had our Leadership Boise graduation that night (another wonderful experience I’ll write about one of these days.  (I graduated from Leadership Albuquerque quite a number of years ago, and both these community leadership development experiences were excellent and are highly recommended).

Coming up, a June Treasury Executives Institute presentation for senior Treasury leaders in Washington D.C.  Lot’s going on!

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