My first magazine cover – move over A-Listers!

OK, I’ve never had paparazzi follow me, or groupies, or anyone, actually, other than friends from whom I borrowed a book or hammer or the like who were tracking me down. But I must admit that when David and I got our first magazine cover I felt a bit like a celeb.  We owe it all to the nice folks at Brilliant Results magazine, who featured us in their June, 2011 issue.

I’ve written for the magazine before, so when MaryAnne Morrill, the editor-in-chief, asked if we’d be interested in being their cover story we jumped at the chance. I’d communicated with Maureen Williams, the publisher, when Managing the Mobile Workforce came out and she’d kindly expressed interest in it, and the two of them just seemed like the kind of people with whom you always want to work. Their covers always are great art, and the article was alot of fun to work on. The magazine itself is a terrific resource.  They are focused on:

“…providing leading executives from primarily Fortune 1000 companies with powerful, results-oriented, cutting edge marketing, incentive and motivation/recognition ideas. We give our readers the tools they need to build the relationships, find the resources and get the results that every successful marketing, branding, or employee recognition campaign needs.”

Check out the article – I hope you enjoy it!

To find more out about Brilliant Results follow Maureen’s tweets – @Bresults – and be sure to follow their magazine.

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