Mobile Workers Have Always Reached for the Stars

As we step back to reflect upon the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger 25 years ago, it’s worth noting that mobile workers have always been those who have taken the risks to open new territory – whether it be in space, over or under the seas, or on unknown land.

Ship captains and their crews, military and scientific expeditions, pony express riders, and missionaries were among the mobile workers of their day; Astronauts, scientists, journalists, servicemen and women, and road warriors – mobile workers all – are among the mobile workers of today, continuing the noble tradition of expanding commerce, exploring the unknown, protecting and enlightening the rest of the world.

Let us pay homage to those who take the risk to leave the comfort of home – whether it be a corporate office, a homeland, or a planet – in order to expand our knowledge, to keep the world safer, and to make our lives richer.

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